Colvestone Primary School | Governors
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Every school has a governing body, and everyone involved is a volunteer, usually appointed for four years.

Our own governing body is a group of enthusiastic and committed people, made up of:

  • Parents – elected by other parents and carers at the school
  • School staff – one teaching staff, one non-teaching, elected by their colleagues
  • The head teacher (who has no fixed term on the governing body)
  • People drawn from the wider community who have an interest in education and a useful contribution to make – they fall into two categories: (1) LEA – any non-parent, non-staff person approved by both the governing body and the LEA (in our case, the Learning Trust), and (2) Community governors – any non-parent, non-staff person approved just by the governing body. These two categories might include business people or representatives of local community groups or religious bodies.

While the day-to-day operational management of the school is done by permanent staff, led by the head teacher, the governing body plays a vital role in the school’s finances, approving and monitoring the school budget, and in maintaining standards, ensuring that the requirements of the national curriculum are met by the school. Its primary role is helping the school with its overall direction, making policy and overseeing the way we are run.

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