Colvestone Primary School | Role of the Governing Body
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Role of the Governing Body

Our governing body has the following responsibilities.

What do we do?

The work of the governing body is varied, but it includes:

  • Working with the head teacher to decide the aims and objectives for the school
  • Reviewing (with school staff) what pupils are achieving, setting standards for improvement
  • Approving and monitoring the school budget and authorising major one-off expenditure
  • Deciding how staff will be selected – including the recruitment and appointment of the head teacher
  • Ensuring that the national curriculum and religious education are taught properly
  • Approving (and, in some cases, developing) school policies
  • Making sure that children with special needs have access to every aspect of the curriculum
  • Acting as a link between the school and the wider community, keeping parents informed and considering complaints or requests from parents
  • Ensuring the school is well-maintained and that health and safety requirements are met

Why do schools need governors?

Pupil’s achievements, staff morale and the school’s reputation are directly affected by the role the governing body plays. That’s why we need a governing body that supports the school and can react quickly when issues come up.

But governors also need to be pro-active – we can help influence both the school and the community it serves, making difficult decisions, getting extra support for the school, asking complex questions, holding the school and everyone involved with it to account and taking responsibility for the school’s performance.


Terms of Reference

Soaring Skies Federation – Terms of Reference – Full Governing Board – 2020-21

Soaring Skies Federation – Terms of Reference – Teaching and Learning Committee – 2020-21

Soaring Skies Federation – Terms of Reference – Finance and Resources Committee – 2020-21

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