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Primary admission

Reception class admission arrangements

We (Hackney Learning Trust) are responsible for setting the admission arrangements for all schools for which we are the Admission Authority – that is, community and voluntary controlled schools in the borough.

For voluntary-aided schools, academies, foundation schools or free schools each school governing body or Academy Trust is their own admission authority.

Applying for a reception class

If your child was born between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016, they are due to start primary school in September 2020.

The closing date for applying for your child’s primary school place is 15 January 2020 and any applications received after this date will be treated as late.

Further information

In-Year and Other Admissions

In-year admissions are applications made for school places outside the reception class intake and Year Six transfer to secondary school in September each year.

If you have come to live in Hackney and require a school place for your child or, have moved address within the borough and require a school closer to your new home, you must complete a in year application form.

Making an in-year application

  • Complete an in-year application form
  • Include the preferred school for your child to attend on the form
  • Send the completed form to the Hackney Learning Trust Admissions Team
  • Send us a copy of your passport or birth certificate and a proof of address

You can get the form from:

If you live in Hackney and want to apply for a school place outside the borough, contact the council the school is in to find out how to make an application.

If you are moving to Hackney as a new arrival to the UK, you can not apply until you are resident in the borough, you must come to the Hackney Learning Trust office with the child/children to complete the application form and provide identification as well as proof of address. For those families returning to the UK, having previously lived in Hackney, you can apply up to six weeks before arrival.

If you are applying for a school transfer, it may take up to 20 school days to process your application. Please do not contact us during this time as we will not have any further information. We will send you a letter to let you know the outcome of your application.

Voluntary aided (faith) school

If you list a secondary voluntary–aided (faith) school on the form, you will still need to complete the school’s Supplementary Information Form (SIF). You can get these forms from the in–year admissions team or from the schools.

Academy, free school or voluntary-aided school

Academy, free school or voluntary-aided school have their own admissions policy. You have to complete the school’s own supplementary information form if you wish to apply on religious grounds.

What you need to do

  • Get the Application Form from the school
  • Return the completed form to the school

You may also need to provide a baptism certificate or priest’s reference.

Applying to University Technical Colleges or Studio Schools in London

If your child is in year 9, you can transfer them to a University Technical College (UTC) or  studio school for year 10 the following September.

How to apply

If you live in Hackney, you must:

If you live in another borough, you must apply by completing your home LA application form.

What happens next

  • We will deal with your application in line with our admission process
  • We will tell parents the outcome of their child`s application after 1 March

In Year Applications from overseas

Normally, parents wishing to make an in year application for their child cannot do so until their child is a resident in the United Kingdom. However, Local Authorities will accept applications from parents with a right of abode if they can provide evidence that they are planning a return/arrival to the United Kingdom. Hackney Learning Trust will accept an application up to 6 weeks before their anticipated arrival date. Satisfactory evidence of a return/arrival should include a combination of the following, although this list may not be exhaustive:

  • A written statement from the parent(s) of their intention to return to/enter the United Kingdom, giving their reasons and an expected date
  • Termination of a work contract abroad
  • Sale/notice of rental of property abroad
  • Notice to existing tenants to terminate the tenancy of an owned property in the United Kingdom
  • Completion of purchase of property in the United Kingdom
  • Tenancy/Mortgage of property in the United Kingdom
  • Copy of work contract within the United Kingdom
  • Confirmation of study arrangements within the United Kingdom
  • Confirmation of travel arrangements

However, whilst an application can be accepted under these circumstances, a United Kingdom address will only be used once the child is residing at that address, and evidence will be required of this.

In-year applications will not be considered any earlier than 6 weeks before an anticipated arrival in the United Kingdom. Please note if a place was to be offered, the place cannot be reserved for children who are not ready to take up their place at a school, subsequently, the offer can be withdrawn.

Children’s centres

Children’s centres offer families with children under five, a range of services, information and support in their community.

Admissions policy

Each children’s centre manages their own admissions and application forms may vary.

  • Download the correct application form using the links on our Find a School page
  • Return the completed application form to the children’s centre
  • The children’s centre will place you on the admissions register and contact you to discuss your wishes

You will also be required to complete a placement agreement form which will be reviewed at agreed intervals.

Admissions priorities

If there are not enough places for every child, places will be allocated in the following order:

  • Child assessed as needing a funded place
  • Child assessed as having social, educational or medical needs (unfunded place)
  • Child has brothers or sisters going to the centre
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