Colvestone Primary School | Year 1
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Year 1

Our curriculum theme for Autumn term is Ancient Civilisation.

In theme with our Autumn Term topic, we will be learning about Ancient Civilisation.

Our curriculum topic for Autumn term is Ancient Egyptians. During Autumn 1, Year 1 learnt about the different areas of the civilisation. They focused upon the way that Ancient Egyptians communicated and studied their alphabet, Hieroglyphics. The Year 1 children decoded writing from the Ancient Egyptians and even wrote their own messages using Hieroglyphics. The Year 1 children learnt about how artefacts from their Ancient civilisation informed what we know about the Ancient Egyptians today. They explored how the River Nile helped with the success of the civilisation and how farming was vital to the survival of the people. Whilst learning about the different gods of the Ancient Egyptians, the children retold the story of Ra, The Sun God, and wrote a recount about the important events of his story.


Moving into Autumn 2, the Year 1 children will be focusing upon how the Ancient Egyptians lived. They will be studying the houses that were built, their modes of transport and the hierarchical structure of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation. Through their weekly lessons the children will explore the curriculum using different skill sets to uncover more information about the Ancient Egyptians.


Our communal display portrays some of the different ways in which we have creatively investigated the Ancient Egyptians. From looking at jewellery and replicating it in the form of pasta necklaces, painted with the main colours used in Ancient Egyptian jewellery, to building our own pyramids out of Papier Mache, painting them in colours that represent the sandstone, and covering them in sand to embody the textures of the pyramids. The children have thrown themselves into their learning with enthusiasm and gusto.


During Autumn 1 the children read the book A Kid’s Life in Ancient Egypt by Roger Canavan. This followed a fictional Ancient Egyptian child through a typical day for a child in Ancient Egypt. Over Autumn 2 Year 1 will be using the book, The Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo. It follows a slave from Greece who is living and working in Ancient Egypt and her struggle to gain freedom.


Our weekly timetable is driven by our curriculum. On a daily basis the children take part in Daily Support Reading, Phonics, Maths, English and a Topic lesson, which includes Science, Religious Education, PSHCE, History, Geography, Art, Music. On a Monday the children have enrichment activities. In the mornings they have gardening and Spanish, and, in the afternoon, they have Physical Education and story time. In the Autumn term, as part of their transition from Reception, the afternoon topic lessons are child led.


Please click on the link below for more information about our Autumn Term topic.

Ancient Civilisations Overview


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