Colvestone Primary School | Year 6
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Year 6

Our curriculum theme for Autumn term is Ancient Civilisation.

The theme of our autumn term topic is ‘Ancient Civilisations’.

Year 6 are learning about Ancient China and the Shang dynasty civilisation. We have examined and researched a variety of primary and secondary sources linked to the Shang Dynasty, created civilisation time lines and wrote biographies about Lady Fu Hao. We have learned about Ancient Shang King and Queens and have created digital content to show our knowledge, skills and understanding about key significant figures.

In Autumn 2, we will investigate the clothing, food and culture of the Shang. We will create our own character and setting descriptions and then use this to write a short story. We will then go on to writing diary entries in role of our characters. Finally, we will discover how the Shang civilisation ended and how the Shang civilisation have impacted today’s life and culture. So far we have thoroughly enjoyed our topic and are excited to learn more!

Our class novel is called ‘The Kite Rider’ by Geraldine McCaughrean. The story is about a young boy called Haoyou. Haoyou knew that his father’s spirit lived among the clouds; this is because he has seen him go up there with a soul and come down again without one. Later in the novel Haoyou have the opportunity to fly over Ancient China strapped to a kite. The Jade Circus offers him a chance to travel throughout the empire. But will Haoyou’s life be any safer in the circus? Or could it be leading him into even greater danger?

Year 6 are enthusiastically reading this exciting novel during our class reading sessions and guided reading lessons. It has sparked a great interest in the pupils, and truly pushes reading for pleasure. We use the book to generate a word bank of new vocabulary and further investigate the vocabulary through word aware. We also use the book to influence our handwriting sessions and incorporate these new words in our writing.


Our weekly timetable is driven by our curriculum. Each day consists of mindfulness, maths, mental maths, guided reading, literacy and daily mile. Throughout the week we learn History, PSHCE, Science, R.E, Geography, Art, P.E and Music. We have a variety of enrichment activities; on Mondays we have drumming and dancing, Tuesdays Spanish and Art on Fridays.


Please click on the link below for more information about our Autumn Term topic.

Ancient Civilisations Overview

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