In partnership with
In partnership with

Our Anti-Racism Statement

November 2022

Colvestone Primary School, alongside Hackney’s Children and Families Service, is committed to eradicating systemic racism, discrimination and injustice, making anti-racism a foundation of our practice.

Hackney’s Children and Families Service will be a voice and force for change.

Colvestone Primary School is committed that, for every child and family that we work for and with, we recognise and will address the impact of racism on children and families within our practice. We will continue to apply our anti-racist principles in all of our interactions with and decision-making about children and to determinedly and actively demand the same from our stakeholders and communities.

Colvestone Primary School is committed to calling out racism, discrimination, microaggressions and will ensure that children and their families and the workforce are supported and valued.

This agenda remains a focus for Colvestone Primary School in the plans we make, the policies we create, the curriculum provision we offer our children and the support we give to our communities. This is revisited regularly at a strategic and Governance level and in the day to day work across the school.

Robin Warren
Executive Head Teacher