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After School Clubs

After school clubs will start again week commencing 22nd April 2024.

Your child’s allocation in their chosen clubs will be confirmed upon payment via Tucasi/SCOpay.

We will try to accommodate everyone and ensure your child is allocated at least one club.  

The allocation of clubs will be made on a first-come first-served basis, upon receipt of payment.

You will be removed from the club should you attempt to sign up for an Afterschool Club for Summer Term if an outstanding balance remains on your child’s account including Dinner Money, Extended Provision and After School Clubs, there will be no refund issued in this case.


Multi Sports

Sewing Club

Computer Club

Football Club







3.30 – 4.30

3.30 – 4.30

3.30 – 4.30

3.30 – 4.30

Year groups

Year 1 - Year 6

Year 3 – 6

Year 1 – Year 6

Year 3 – Year 6

Spaces available






(per session)





Adult leading club

Simeon Grant 
Ariza Syeda-Hoque
Lisa Wakefield Jade 
Simeon Grant (Sports coach)
Ariza Syeda-Hoque

Please contact the school office if you need assistance accessing your child’s online account.

Little Musketeers Autumn Term

Little Musketeers is an exciting club inspired by the Olympic sport of fencing. Our engaging and varied programmes appeal to a child’s sense of play and are taught in a fun, safe and educational environment. Have a look below to find out more.

Find out more


After School Clubs Terms and Conditions

  1. Summer term clubs will run from 3:30pm to 4:30pm
  2. To purchase a club, all school debts must be cleared in full. This includes money owing for breakfast club, school dinners and Extended Day Care.
  3. The fee is non-refundable. The allocation of clubs will be made upon receipt of payment.
  4. If pupils are attending Extended School Provision after attending After School Club, they will be entitled to a 50% discount on their Extended School Provision fee on that respective day.
  5. This is a ‘contract’ and choices of clubs cannot be changed during the term.
  6. Parents will be charged in full for each booking regardless of any early collection or absences for their child.
  7. Parents are to telephone the school if they are unable to collect their child and provide the name and information for any adult who will collect their child.
  8. A child’s place will be withdrawn if they do not follow our behaviour policy
  9. The school monitors attendance and punctuality. A child’s place will be at risk if they have regular non-attendance
  10. Parents will be charged a late fine of £5 per 5 minutes. If this runs into the next 5 minutes, an additional £5 will be charged. You will be charged from 4:40pm.
  11. The school will make a referral to Social Services after 6:00pm if no contact can be made with the parent/carer.
  12. Filming and photographs of children may be taken which will appear on the website and Twitter. If you do not consent to this, please complete our opt out letter, copies of which can be requested from the school office.
 Term Sessions in term Price per session Total fee due

 Spring Term 1

 4 – 15th Jan, 22nd Jan, 29th Jan,
        5th Feb


(4 sessions +

5 sessions)

 Spring Term 2  5 – 19th Feb, 26th Feb,
        4th March, 11th March, 18th March
 Summer Term 1  5 – 22nd Apr, 29th Apr,
       6th May, 13th May, 20th May


 Summer Term 2 (TBC)

 6 – 3rd June, 10th June, 17th June,

24th June, 1st July, 8th July

£5 £30